Raksha Bandhan Quotes

Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes and Messages

The holding between a sister and brother is really special in its way The connection between brother and sister is remarkable and is given significance in all corners of the world. Be that as it may, with regards to India, the relationship turns into even more significant as there is a celebration called “Raksha Bandhan” devoted to the sister and brother’s love. And to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, we present you the best collection of Raksha Bandhan Quotes and Messages which you can share with your siblings on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Raksha Bandhan Quotes

  1. “I must have done something right that God blessed me with a brother like you.”
  2. “He is my friendliest foe and most hated love. He is my brother!!! Happy Rakshabandhan!!”
  3. “You’re priceless to me! Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
  4. “Thank you for being the pillar of my strength always. I am blessed to have you as my brother.”
  5. “There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love of a brother.”

    Raksha Bandhan Quotes
    Being brother and sister means being there for each other
  6. “We gain and lose things every day. But trust me on one thing. You’ll never lose me. I will always be here. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
  7. “Cherishing the memorable time spent in childhood and trying to make new memories this year. Happy Rakshabandhan!!”
  8. “This Raksha Bandhan, I pray to God that, may our bond of love continue to grow stronger with each passing year.”
  9. “In the cookie of life, you, my dear sister are the chocolate chips. Happy Raksha Bandhan.”

    Raksha Bandhan Messages
    To have a wonderful brother is like having true soulmate.
  10. “It’s hard to be responsible, adult and sensible all the time. How good it is to have a sister whose heart is as young as your own.”
  11. “Having you is like having a best friend I can’t get rid of. I know whatever I do, you will still be there. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
  12. “To have a lovely sister is like having a true soulmate. Happy Rakhi!”
  13. “My brother is one of the most precious gifts sent by God.”
  14. “Our siblings, they resemble us just enough to make all their differences confusing, and no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast about them our whole lives long.”

    Rakhi Quotes
    A sister is both your mirror and opposite.
  15. “It is all blue, the sky is hue, dear darling brother, I love you!!! Happy Rakshabandhan!”

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Messages for Brother and Sister

  1. “I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three.”
  2. “The warmth of your love is all I need during cold times. Happy Raksha Bandhan Sister.”
  3. “May this Rakhi bring you everything you desire and everything you dream of. May success accompany you in every step that you take. Have A Blessed Rakhi.”
  4. “A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.”
  5. “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.”

    Rakshabandhan Quotes
    Every girls first hero will always be her brother.
  6. “This message is for the most wonderful sisters of this world. Thank you didi for always being there on my side and for helping me in those infinite ways which I cannot even remember.”
  7. “Never thought we will not be together this day. I am missing you very much. The Rakhi you send is very good, it’s looking great on my wrist. I just pray that we will be together on every Rakhi from next year.”
  8. “Your love and affection make me feel proud and on this day I want to shout it out loud.
    Very Happy Raksha Bandhan my sweet sister.”
  9. “If I can choose my brother in next life, it’ll be you Love you always. Happy Raksha Bandhan brother.”

    Happy Rakhi 2019
    There can be no better companion than a brother. There can be no better friend than a sister
  10. “You know that you are the most precious stone in the collection of my secret treasure. Wishing you very Happy Rakhi and best of luck for everything.”
  11. “You my sister are someone more special than words. You are love mixed with friendship and a million everlasting favorite memories. You give me a feeling that makes me wonder what I would ever do without you, and no one is loved so dearly. Happy Raksha Bandhan.”
  12. “It may be that memories will fade with time but the love that brother and sister share will never fade away, rather it will multiply over the years. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest sister.”
  13. “You care for me like a mother. I respect and love you. Thanks for always pampering me and supporting me. No one can be like you my darling sister. Wish you a very happy Raksha Bandhan dearest sister.”
  14. “Even if we are not together on this Raksha Bandhan there’s always this strong bond that keeps us connected irrespective of the geographical boundaries. You’re priceless to me! Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
  15. “We are each other’s secret-keepers. No, we are not lovers, we are siblings!! Happy Rakshabandhan!!”

Raksha Bandhan Greetings

Rakshabandhan 2019

Rakhi 2019
You are the best brother in this world

Show some love to your siblings this Rakhi and share some meaningful Raksha Bandhan quotes and messages along with gifts and Happiness. Share these quotes and messages and spread the love.

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